Our Stockdown websites are created on the WordPress CMS (content management system), and use Woocommerce as the e-commerce platform

This means that you will, forever, have full access to any functionality that this offers. This is limitless and once your 6 month payment schedules have been completed, you will have full ownership over what you add to the site. Please see below for more detail of what the standard functionality includes – in addition to the things listed in the how it works table

  • Paypal Integration

  • Stripe Integration

  • Multiple images per product

  • Product image zoom

  • Coupon codes for discounts

  • Link to Social Media platforms

  • Ability to add new pages

  • Ability to add new blog posts

  • Ability to add and edit products

  • Create sale products

  • Embed videos from YouTube

  • Add your own image galleries

And so much more!

For more detailed information, please get in touch and an Account Manager will be happy to help